Getting started with maven2

As I prefer maven as build management tool, I thought to provide a get started article for those who are willing to learn it. I am not going to reinvent the wheel but evaluate available online resources. And maven3 is around the corner and much hyped but I’ll start with maven2 and will be posting comparative analysis between maven2 and maven3 sometime later.
Maven 2 can be download form and setup only requires to extract the zip file and add maven bin directory to your path environment variable for windows.
If you are behind a firewall you can edit settings.xml provided under conf folder, all you have to do is add/uncomment <proxy> tag under <proxies> and provide host IP, and port and other details based on proxy settings for your network.
After doing the setup you may go through maven-in-five-minutes which provides you good information to begin with.

After having little insight, if you are ready for more comprehensive details concerning the actions you have just performed. Check out the Maven Getting Started Guide.

To make life easier for open source developers there is an plugin named m2eclipse which can be integrated with you Eclipse IDE. The update site for the plugin is and complete instruction to install plugin are provided here.

Video tutorial by provides you breakthrough to move full fledged development using maven and m2eclipse. You can visit all video tutorials here. And significant tutorials you can watch right here:

Creating a project:

Overview of m2eclipse:

Managing multi-module project:

I think that’s enough for the beginning, you can explore further as get comfortable with it.

About sushant
Tech enthusiast working on java/j2ee, loves to explore as well as stay focused with core programming.

6 Responses to Getting started with maven2

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  3. Yogesh Goswami says:

    Hi.. Sushant its really gr8.. Thanks for this information.. could you please put some light on restful web services using ANT…

    • Yogesh, I would suggest to start using maven, it’s very quick and easy as compared to Ant and provides more functions. As far your concern regarding using Ant or Maven you can choose any tool as web service implementation has nothing to do with how you build your project.

  4. Prafulla Kumar P says:

    Hey Sushant. Nice blog man. Throw us some light on rest web services 🙂

    • sushant says:

      Thanks Prafulla,
      Entry level topics on REST have been given, not able to get time for adv. topics though I wanted to write on Camel, AOP, Sonic. Current work involves proprietary languages and technologies, and also domain specific learning, getting hard to keep up with open-source.
      So hows everyone & everything at Disney NGE!?!!


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